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    Foto (bearbeitet), CC BY 2.0 © Emily May
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    Foto (bearbeitet), CC BY 2.0 © Maegan Tintari
    Photography by Andreas Wundersee
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„My art is exciting and inspiring; for myself and the viewer.“

I already painted unique images live at Jan Böhmermann’s tv show “Neo Magazin” or in the state parliament. For special views and moments, I also work on high mountains and in deep valleys to capture the landscape; always looking for new, exciting motifs and challenges!

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„My events are more than drinking coffee, eating cake and consuming art.“

My events, installations or street art projects arouse emotions; whether at the art festival MS Artville in Hamburg or the ART SLAM in Heidelberg.
I want that the visitors and viewers have fun, be encouraged to think and discuss the art and go home happy!

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On Instagram you find daily updates. How I work, where I am or what I eat: Aesthetic everyday images!

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Art from the artist!

I offer you limited products. In my online shop you can find photographs, paintings and fine art prints of my work.

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Andreas Wundersee. Art + Event

Painting of the artwatchers Painting of the artwatchers


Mixed Media, 09/2015


Webartwork, 09/2015
Painting of the hashtag #foodporn Painting of the hashtag #foodporn

It’s porn!

Gouache on PVC, 2015
Installation East Side Music Days Installation East Side Music Days

East Side Music Days

Berlin, 08/2015
40° Urban Art Festival in Düsseldorf 40° Urban Art Festival in Düsseldorf

40° Urban Art Festival

Düsseldorf, 08/2015
Art for the lunatic festival in Lüneburg Art for the lunatic festival in Lüneburg

The Golden Cage

lunatic Festival, 06/2015

Andreas Wundersee. News

Painting of the artwatchers

Albert-Haueisen Art Prize

27.09. - 18.10.15

(Deutsch) Die Juryentscheidung für den Albert-Haueisen-Kunstpreis steht noch aus. Drei meiner Artwatchers wurden in der Vorauswahl berücksichtigt und werden im Zehnthaus in Jockgrim ausgestellt.

Installation East Side Music Days

East Side Music Days

28.08. + 29.08.15

Starting today, you get 25% discount on selected products in my online shop; among others on fine art prints, photographs, prints + graphics!



Limited. Juniqe. Special.

Travel photography of St. Peter-Ording

St. Peter-Ording

North Sea, 2014
from 15Euro
Cathedral of Cologne by night

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne, 2014
from 20Euro
Plant Trees Not Wars Graphic by Andreas Wundersee


Fine Art Print, 2015
from 15Euro
Fine art print of the painting of the coffee place in Arles

Le Cafe La Nuit

Arles, 2015
from 30Euro
Design by artist Andreas Wundersee

David vs. Venus

Fine Art Print, 2015
from 18.5Euro
Photography of Col du Galibier in France

Le Col du Galibier

Fine Art Print, 2015
from 15Euro
Painting by Andreas Wundersee


Mixed Media, 2015
Painting by Andreas Wundersee

Le Cafe La Nuit

Mixed Media, 2015

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Just Start packages encourage your creativity. Make art. Become active. I offer you various products where you get everything you need to create your artwork!

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